U.N. Food & Agriculture Organisation

We were contracted for 4 separate inputs by the Food and agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) for home-based assistance to their Alternative Agricultural Livelihoods and Counter Narcotics Programme (GCP/AFG/036/UK) in Afghanistan. This range from a review of Case Study survey on smallholder poultry improvements and another on oilseed crusher mills. We were primarily asked to research and author a wide range of discussion papers for use amongst policy makers and aid practitioners in abul, as well as for project staff, local officials and project beneficiaries in selected locations in Balkh ad Herat Provinces. This included power-point presentations for local people, NGOs, government and donor organisations. The subjects covered the role of the small scale seed sector in counter narcotic strategies, and the development constraints faced by this sector; how to mainstream counter narcotic issues; the development opportunities and constraints faced; smallholder dairy development and its role in counter narcotic and alternative livelihood programmes; the opportunities for on-farm and off-farm incomes; the shortcomings of productive and social infrastructure; capital and recurrent inputs for crop and livestock production; capacity development and training for farmers and farmers representatives; local institutional development; coping strategies; managing debt and credit; managing diversity and pluralism; and five papers on the marketing supply chains for livestock, vegetables, edible nuts, fruit and potatoes.