Be a Badger

  A human-sized badger sett in Kew’s woodland conservation area offers an amazing insight into the life of one of Britain’s most intriguing wild animals. Underground tunnels, sleeping chambers, nests, food stores and scratching posts reveal the intimate details of family life with the badgers.
  Kew’s badger sett is an underground series of tunnels in the woods. Entrances are formed from forked oak branches which lead underground to the tunnels and chambers. The chambers include a nursing nest for young badgers, a sleeping room and a dining area. The tunnels are just over a metre high - perfect for children and for agile adults. One tunnel is 1.5m high and is wheelchair accessible.
  The sett is animated by signs of badger life - hairs trapped in the wooden structure, bedding, claw marks in the scratching post, snuffle holes and a playing tree. The badgers’ menu is on display - spring meals include roots, eggs and young birds, summer includes crunchy insects, small animals and honey, autumn dinner features beechnuts and elderberries and the winter diet has a large proportion of roots and juicy worms.
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