Eden Project

Between 1998 and 2004 we worked closely with the senior management team of the Eden Project (which opened to the public in 2001) to help plan how it could best engage and deliver the principles and practise of sustainability development in all that the Project would do. We helped research and develop the storylines behind the plants of the warm-humid and tropical biomes. The aim was to improve people‚Äôs understanding of the relationships between plants and people in creative and inspirational ways and using a variety of formal, informal and media approaches to public and corporate education. We led a critical management review in 2000 which looked at internal working practices, external networking and partnership building. It also considered the IT and sponsorship strategy; innovative science; and, ways to market and promote the Eden philosophy and brand. In 2002 we assessed how forum management, audience interaction and communications strategies for events might be best staged by the Creative Design, Interpretation and Education Team to deliver the stories of plants and people via artists and performers. We also looked into the role of participatory video techniques to deliver a digital arts programme and help prepare business plans for what was to become the Eden Sessions programme. In 2003 we were appointed as Project Advisor responsible for programme development and installing the monitoring and evaluation systems of the Rainforest Rescue International initiative in Sri Lanka to establish a Future Initiative Centre for Sustainable Development.                                                  Official Site